Hollywood Hot Mess

Hollywood’s hottest mess gets a shot at redemption – and a chance to star alongside Tinseltown’s most sought-after silver fox. But when their on-screen acting becomes a scorching-hot, forbidden offscreen romance, she discovers he’s hiding a dark secret behind his carefully crafted public image.

All the dirty details of former child star Carly Klein’s fall from Hollywood grace were tabloid news…and they only knew about half of it. But now she’s sober and grasping at the last chance to revive her flatlined career.

Devon Hayes is Hollywood royalty. Branded the sexiest man alive, granted his first shot at producing, he’s living a life most only dream of. But his offscreen reality is more like a nightmare and makes the twisted tales in his movie plots look tame.

When Carly and Devon are cast opposite each other, Carly is pretty sure Devon is an asshole. Devon is certain Carly is a spoiled brat. But with chemistry that would make a nun lust like a schoolgirl, these two are DTF. Classic.

As their broken parts begin to pull them together, on-screen love turns…could it be? Into the real thing. Faced with the prying paparazzi, vindictive agents and career-ending secrets, Devon and Carly have already sacrificed their souls for fame. Living a lie in public is a small price to pay for ecstasy in private…for now.

The story continues in Total Trainwreck.  Don’t miss it!

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Total Trainwreck

In a town where every illusion comes with a price, a girl can have love or fame. Carly Klein wants both. The A-list drama continues in this compulsively readable follow-up to Evie Claire’s Hollywood Hot Mess

Hurricane Carly hits the big leagues and her offscreen drama hits DEFCON-level F*ck

From tabloid trainwreck child star to award-nominated starlet, Carly Klein wants it all. And being silver fox Devon Hayes’s f*ck buddy isn’t cutting it anymore. The gloves are off as she comes out swinging for the man she loves.

Devon Hayes, aka the sexiest man alive, is the toast of Tinseltown as half of a Hollywood power couple HeaVon—but he doesn’t want to be. Yet his A-list showmance lover will stop at nothing to keep their marital sham alive. So when Carly and Devon’s scorching connection off set threatens his soon-to-be ex’s dynasty, a sh*tstorm of trouble is unleashed.

But pussing out isn’t in Carly’s DNA. Through sex tapes, murder and epic Hollywood takedowns, Carly and Devon will be together and HeaVon will burn in Hollywood Hell…

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About Evie Claire

Evie Claire lives in Athens, GA with her husband, two daughters and one very spoiled rescue dog. After graduating from the University of Georgia she worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative before becoming a writer.

An avid equestrian, devoted wino, coffee snob, and occasional runner, Evie is in a monogamous relationship with her favorite yoga pants. When not chasing toddlers or writing, Evie can be found nursing her online shopping addiction, planning elaborate DIY projects that never happen, and discreetly eavesdropping on the juicy conversations of local college students for inspiration. She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, counts afternoon naps among life’s great indulgences, and randomly belts out the whistle solo from GNR’s Patience… because why not?

Evie obsessively stalks her favorite Hollywood gossip sites and lives life by one simple rule: If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me!

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