The Handmaid’s Tale & Infertility

  Can we talk about my most recent TV bender? The Handmaid’s Tale is making me ugly cry on the daily and I need to get it out.   Spoiler Alert: I’m writing about Episode 2.   I don’t get much non-mommy time. But for the last week, when the littles go down for their naps, I am OBSESSED with this show. The first episode was okay. The Mister was out. I had the TV all to myself and thought …Read More

How Twitter Got Me Published with Harlequin & How You Can TOO!

    People are always fascinated when they learn I got a 2 book deal and a kickass agent after entering a Twitter contest. Honestly, I’m still a little amazed myself. And it’s been two years! If you write with the goal of seeing your words published and in the hands of rabid readers you either have or eventually will write a query letter. There are few things in life I loathe more than a query letter. Mainly because I …Read More

Evie’s Ultimate List of Twitter Writing Contests

Below is my ultimate list of Twitter writer contests. Yes, the list skews towards Romance writing, but if you’ve found my blog, chances are, you’re into that kinda stuff:)   I’m always updating the list. If you see a contest I missed, or would like me to add yours to the list, shoot me an email.   For more info on how Twitter helped my land my book deal and agent check out my YouTube channel.     WINTER (Dec-Feb): …Read More

The Definitive (Romance Writers:) Guide to Atlanta’s Foodie Scene

via GIPHY The pollen has finally abated. The flowers are showing off. Temperatures are damned near perfect. Down south, all this means one thing—spring has officially sprung. The Indigo Girls (two Atlanta ladies) said it best, there’s something ’bout the southland in the springtime. Next week, Romantic Times Booklovers (myself included) will discover why over 5 million people choose to work, stay and play in the “Empire City of the South”. For a hot minute Atlanta was my home, too. …Read More

Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend ( AKA Tacori & Tiffany & Babies, Oh MY!)

Flowers are waking up down South. Like Springtime starting flags they wave in my favorite time of the year. Wedding season is just around the corner, y’all! Every bride-to-be below the Mason-Dixon has just entered the most grueling sprint of her life. Unfathomable hours of prep lay ahead. But God willing, and the Creek don’t rise, it culminates in the most perfect day of her life. My husband laughs, but for me, receiving our first “Save the Date” stirs the …Read More