It’s a Social Media Take Over 📱💻📣

It’s a total social media take over in July!! Sometimes, I’m lazy AF. In a perfect world, I would play with my babes, write the words, and wine with The Mister all day every day. Perfect worlds only exist in fiction. This July, however,  I’m going to make it a reality. But I need your help to check out for the month. I can’t just go radio silent all of a sudden. That would be weird. So, I’m putting it …Read More

Welcome to Atlanta, Y’all!!

via GIPHY The pollen has finally abated. The flowers are showing off. Temperatures are damned near perfect. Down south, all this means one thing—spring has officially sprung. The Indigo Girls (two Atlanta ladies) said it best, there’s something ’bout the southland in the springtime. Next week, Romantic Times Booklovers (myself included) will discover why over 5 million people choose to work, stay and play in the “Empire City of the South”. For a hot minute Atlanta was my home, too. …Read More

Baby Blue

Flowers are waking up down South. Like Springtime starting flags they wave in my favorite time of the year. Wedding season is just around the corner, y’all! Every bride-to-be below the Mason-Dixon has just entered the most grueling sprint of her life. Unfathomable hours of prep lay ahead. But God willing, and the Creek don’t rise, it culminates in the most perfect day of her life. My husband laughs, but for me, receiving our first “Save the Date” stirs the …Read More

Chocolate Cake & Waffle House

I am positively bursting to give my husband his Valentine’s Day & anniversary gift. Yes, we got married on Valentine’s Day. As a romance writer, I both love and hate that. I readily admit the cheese factor of a February 14th wedding date is off the chart. And if there’s one thing I detest in a romance novel, it’s cheese. But the date worked for us. And the reason why it worked (another post for another day) is the reason …Read More

All I Do Is Win (Win, Win)!

As promised, giveaways are starting!   What’s cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails? My debut release from @CarinaPress, Hollywood Hot Mess, releasing September 12, & your icy beverage of choice in this super sexy #Yeti Rambler.  You will seriously fall in love with both!  CLICK ON “READ MORE” FOR THE RAFFLECOPTER ENTRY WIDGET.   Yeah, we roll deep here @, ’cause that’s how much we HEART our readers.   Annnd…that’s not all. There’s more to come.   XOXO- EC   …Read More