It’s a Social Media Take Over 📱💻📣

It’s a total social media take over in July!!

Sometimes, I’m lazy AF. In a perfect world, I would play with my babes, write the words, and wine with The Mister all day every day. Perfect worlds only exist in fiction. This July, however,  I’m going to make it a reality.

But I need your help to check out for the month. I can’t just go radio silent all of a sudden. That would be weird. So, I’m putting it in the hands of you, my lovely readers, to create my content. I’ve got almost 2,500 followers on social media. Translation: your words could be jamming a whole lotta news feeds. Just think of the possibilities.

So how does this work? Tag me with original content related to my books and I promise to repost everything (the good, the bad and the ugly) across all platforms— Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

What’s even better is that you can WIN all my swag from Romantic Times BookLovers Convention 2017, a free book download of your choice, a YETI Rambler tumbler, and whatever else I decide to throw in.

The Rules Are Simple:

  1. Every post must include original content related to my books.
  2. Every post must include @ItsEvieClaire and #HollywoodHotMess
  3. 1 Post = 1 Entry. Enter as many times as you like.

Even a horribly Photoshopped beauty like this gets you an entry!

Need some ideas to get your creativity flowing?

  • Post a picture of my book babies in the wild. Reading Hollywood Hot Mess in your Wonder Woman jammies with a topknot and wine? You are my spirit animal. Post a pic. Taking a mental vacay from yet another sports practice with some good old fashioned mommy porn? I wrote these books for you. Post a pic. Think my book is best used as a doorstop. I’m not easily offended. Post a pic.
  • Quote your favorite line from my book.
  • Screenshot your Amazon/Goodreads review.
  • Create one of those amaze-ball flat lay shots with one of my covers.
  • Play casting director. Tell me who should play Carly and Devon on the silver screen.
  • Cross promote my books with your own brand. I’m a fervent follower of the sharing is caring movement.
  • Literally ANYTHING that has a crumb of relevance to my books


Get creative guys, and most importantly, ENJOY!  I know I certainly will.